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We tend to photograph "things" (people, animals, birds, plants, structures, landscapes,etc.). This thing and that thing demand our attention and become obvious subjects for our photographs. We're always pointing our cameras at "things". Sometimes, however, the space around something can be as interesting as the thing itself.  We all see the world differently!

For me, photography is fun.  It gets me out of the house with a few friends who have a common interest. I created this website as a means to share my images with family and friends.  I prefer to photograph things that are still verses things in motion.  It is easier.

Personal & Family
Under the "PROJECTS TAB" are links to our days in New Mexico, my Hometown of Shelbyville, IN, and all the year end Family Newsletters since 1996. I use this area to share my life outside of photography.

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All galleries are built with Flash technology. iPhones and iPads will not display Flash without a third party app. You can download the free app "Puffin", but you will have to subscribe to the Flash add-on. This allows galleries to be display as created.

Featured Images

Sandhill's Lunch
Ore Boat Leaving Harbor
Amnicon Falls
Eagle Return to Tree with Fish
Chester Creek
Early Morning Fog
Lester Creek
Lift Bridge
Youg Buck
Gooseberry Falls
Prairie Ghost
Silver Bay Island
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