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Illinois 01/28/2014 - Illinos
  Farms have been in decline for decades.   Between 1950 and 1970 the number of people dropped from over 20 million to less than 10 million.  During the same period, the average size of the farms went from 205 acres to 400 acres.  Luckily productivity increased – farmers were producing even more food at a cheaper cost to consumers on roughly the same amount of farmland in the country.

Wolfs 10/27/2014 - Wisconsin
  s soon as you cross the Illinois Wisconson border you immediately enter the land of over 70,000 farms. Wisconsin ranks second for the number of dairy farms and first in the production of cheese.

Wolfs 08/14/2014 - Other Farmland in other States
  Whenever I travel accross this vast county, I plan to photgraph other farmland in the states I may visit.