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 Lake County Farmland Project - Barns, Farms, Silos and Stables Updated:  03/02/2017
 Bridges of Lake County Project Updated: 07/02/2016
 On the Shores of Lake Michigan (Lighthouses, etc.) Updated: 12/15/2017
 New Mexico Updated: 09/01/2016
 Shelbyville, Indiana Updated: 11/26/2016


Awards and Honorable Mentions from these photography organizations:

Lake County Camera Club (LCCC)
Chicago Area Camera Club Associations (CACCA)
Photography Society of America (PSA)
Updated: 03/12/2017


China Lights Chicago from 2015 to 2017 Added:  09/03/2019
China Lights Milwaukee Added:  09/03/2019
China Lights China Lights Added:  10/16/2016
 Waterfowl Collection Updated: 07/02/2016
 Illinois Dunesland Garden Glub Added:  07/19/2015
The Lipizzans of Tempel fARM  Tempel Farm's Lipizzans Added:  07/15/2015
 24th Annual Civil War Days Added:  07/11/2015
 Black Point Mansion, Lake Geneva Added:  06/13/2015
 Chicago Photos - 2015 Added:  06/09/2015
 Hungry Heron Added:  06/05/2015
 Cooper Hawk Added:  05/30/2015
 Cantigny Park Added:  05/09/2015
 WWI Reenactment Added:  05/09/2015
 Birds of Prey Added:  02/10/2015
 Illinois Barns and Farms Updated:  02/10/2015
 Eagles - 2015 Added:  01/16/2015
 Wolves Added:  01/01/2015