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Lighthouse Project

In 2017, I was looking for another photography project. I had gone out with a few photography friends to photograph some of the the lighthouses in Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee area. This got me hooked; so I proceeded to travel up the eastern Wisconsin coastline to Two Rivers. Later I shot the lighthouses in Illinois and Indiana. I repeated this process in both states multiple times with other camera club members. Then in August 2017, I spent four days on the western shores of Lake Michigan and the southern shores of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. In October 2017, I took three days with a friend to Door County, Washington Island and Rock Island to finish the shooting of all the lighthouses along the shores of Lake Michigan. There are others that on islands and only accessible by boat. I chose not to photograph those.

It took nearly five weeks to process all the photos plus many weeks of research to gather information about each lighthouse.

Wolfs  12/9/2017 - On the shores of Lake Michigan
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